Top 20 Fun Science Experiments that Will Blow Your Mind

Top 20 Fun Science Demonstrations


Fun Science Show’s Activities Demonstrations for kids: Science is the art of knowing about nature, its phenomenon and its occurring. Science is all around us and we commonly observe some of its common principles and magical tricks in our daily routine. By keeping in focus the strategy of promotion of scientific culture among students and society, Pakistan science club started a new trend in Pakistan for science popularization in an interesting and exciting way by organizing fun science shows in schools to inspire the students and develop their interest in science and its learning.

It is an entertaining demonstration that includes simple scientific tricks to decipher the basic laws and scientific phenomenon such as inertia, pressure, light, sound, force, and gravity, etc. along with fun and thrill that make the students remember these elementary concepts in an interesting way.

Pakistan science club organizes such worth learning and exciting science shows in schools which not only include basic science activities but also different fun science challenges that involve and indulge students in very active manner and they participate in it very enthusiastic and energetic means. This fun science demonstration is categorized according to the grades of students into two levels.

Here are the Top 20 Fun Science Experiments that Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Spinning Eggs:

It is an interesting challenge to find out whether the egg is boiled or not without breaking them. This demonstration relates the basic concepts of inertia, its law and its application in daily life. Learn Spinning eggs activity 

2. Lift Bottle/Glass with Balloon:

An exciting fun science activity to explain the properties of gasses, how pressure difference is created, its application and basic concepts of elasticity are also explained by the activity. Watch video

3. Fun with Inertia:

It is a captivating challenge for the students to drag a currency note place between two glass bottles without dropping them. This activity basically relates to inertia and its uses.

 4. Coke Mint Eruption:

An enormous jet is formed when Mintos are dropped into the soda drink defining the process of nucleation (rapid bubble formation and clustering in an arranged pattern).

 5. Burst Balloon with Lemon Juice:

It is one of the entertaining demonstrations that explain the concept of acid, its sources and how it reacts with other substances and what are its effects on them.

6. Pin in the Balloon:

The interesting challenge is to insert a pin in an aerated balloon without being bursting of it. This activity is helpful to learn the basic concepts of polymer, elasticity along with air pressure, their uses and application in daily routine.

7. Straw in Potato:

This activity defines air pressure, its significance, and its applications. It is an interesting challenge to make a hole in a raw potato by using a straw but using air pressure.

 8. Balance Stick:

It is a worth learning challenge in which participants are asked to balance the stick on one finger. It is very useful to determine the center of gravity of non-symmetric objects by using simple techniques.

9. Hydrogen Bubble:

It is an amazing activity that is carried out in a safe way to show the explosive nature of hydrogen gas.

10. Smoke Ring:

They are also termed as vortex rings; it is an excellent demonstration to describe the Bernoulli principle which shows the relation between speed and pressure of the fluid.

11. Balloon in Bottle:

The challenge is to inflate the balloon in a bottle, this interesting activity defines the air pressure and airlock, their significance and how it can be used.

12. Water Bag and Pencil:

It is an exciting challenge to insert a pencil in a polybag filled with water without spilling water outside. It introduces the concept of polymer and its interesting properties

13. Genie in the Bottle

This worth learning and exciting activity explain basic reactions of chemistry such as decomposition and exothermic reactions by decomposing hydrogen peroxide in a bottle.

 14. Elephant Toothpaste:

This fascinating demonstration explains basic reactions of chemistry such as decomposition and exothermic reactions by creating large foams on decomposing hydrogen peroxide and trapping oxygen in soap bubbles.

15. Water in Upside Down Bottle:

It is a challenging activity to fill the water in the upside-down bottle. It helps the students to decipher the basic knowledge of gas properties, pressure difference, and vacuum.

16. C02 and Balloon Activity:

The activity helps the student to learn about the effect of volume and mass on the gravitational force by comparing air and carbon dioxide with the same volume of Balloon.

17. Gyroscope:

It is an interesting spinning wheel activity that how it maintains balance on spinning even after the altered direction. 

18. Blower Activity:

This fascinating activity helps the students to understand the use of air pressure using the blower and floating balls.

19. Corn Flour and Fire:

It is a worth seeing demonstration that defines the concept of surface area and its significance in everyday life.

20. Vanishing water:

This activity explains the super absorbance of a polymer commonly used in diapers.

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